Q & A

1. What is the minimum amount I can order?

You can acquire a test order for as little as a couple of thousand. And after you’ve
receive your goods, we are so confident that you ‘re going to come back to us after the
initial order, it’s possible we can continue to do lower runs. Once your signature glassware
or ceramic piece is created, ordering repeat quantities becomes very reasonable. Our
average minimum orders range from 3,000 glasses or 20,000 bottles.

2. How much does it cost?

Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe it costs more to have signature drinkware
created than it does to buy existing designs. But we’re not conventional. Because we have
direct relationships with the factories in China, we eliminate two to three tiers of
middlemen, and two to three tiers of mark-ups. Granted, in a few instances it may be true
that buying stock costs less, but certainly not in the majority of cases.

3. How long will it take?

Time is relative: so it does depend on your concept of what “too long” is. Sure, proprietary
pieces involve quality time designing, producing, and shipping, but our shortest turnaround
time to date was only one month! Of course, the process could take up to six months, but
there are ways it could be reduced. We have even modified existing glassware which has
worked very well, and by using multiple manufacturing facilities and quicker shipping
options we can turn large quantities around faster than you might expect.

4. What type of decorating can your company put on my glass?

We have a wide variety of decorating options.
Screen printing (Fired on process)
Sand Etch (Blown through stencil) Gives a frosted appearance to the glass.
Acid Etch (Acid applied through stencil) Gives the glass an opaque frosted appearance
and modifies the feel of the surface.
Decals (printing in different inks than screen printing is applied and fired on)
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